Sex in a broad sense

Sex in a broad sense is everything connected with sex life (the sex of animals is not considered here). One of the informal definitions of ironic: the fact that your average Anonymous, but interested. In a narrow sense, sex is itself a sexual act. Due to the fact that because of instincts, the sex is attractive, but because society is not always available, or not available with whomever you want, sex is extremely popular and widely available on the Internet. The most common manifestations of the theme of sex in online pornographic sites, Dating sites, a variety of erotica on almost any site, especially on entertaining (except where it is prohibited or completely inappropriate).
Major in human cultures to date and including some versions of the sex taboo and punishable by public censure, up to criminal prosecution: promiscuity, homosexuality (was considered the norm in Western countries), incest, bestiality, pedophilia, etc., and tabooed and criminalized is not only practice, but also images of forbidden types of sex. Sex is traditional, or otherwise, sex is a part of heterosexual relationships that occur between persons of the opposite sex, and may be non-traditional, or the manifestation of homosexuality between members of the same sex. It is the process of sex — the main content of any porn film that are incredibly popular and most visited on the Internet (which is accentuated in the famous phrase The Internet is for porn). Option of sex is Masturbation.
Often on the Internet POPs up the subject of homosexuality and the relationships among homosexuals due to the ambiguous, often very disapproving, attitudes in traditional societies. Often this theme is used for trolling.
It is the subject of sex, often in perverse variations (for example, Lord Black, has come to symbolize the Negro homosexual), widely represented in a variety imageborder, to discuss and savoring similar subjects there are separate boards.